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Thomas Ahlgren

This man creates images from siluhettes that are a feat of beauty. I adore this image. The grid structure applys to the graphic designer in me, and the natural entity to the romantic. I love my leaves, and I love this photo. Its’ the truth.


Days pass..

..And a diet of ice cream will not suffice. Pondering how my course is going, this is the worst of the worst. Every single swallow is pain. But, I rise from the dead and carry myself to the river to draw something worthwhile. I gots ta do something! So I draw this:

Then this:

I like drawing.

It begins in aw…

It begins in awful style. I suffer from tonsilittus, “an inflammation of the tonsils most commonly caused by viral or bacterial infection.” It is god-awful. I can barely swallow. The back of my throat looks like a block of cheese gone moudly. And as I desperately make my way to the hospital (of which the location is entirely unknkown to me) I craft a note, ready to present to the hospital receptionist. Of course, I had no idea that I had tonsilittus. I thought it was Chlamydia.. In hindsight, I am in sheer agony right now but why was i so polite? Maybe I should’ve opened my throat to her, released this awful stench and burst down in tears.. But for what it stands, here is what I wrote:


And just in case you wished to know what I am, here is a rather precise image of that. It’s me! C’est JoeApps. What do I want to be? The hell do I know. Writing movies scripts, carefully crafting a highrising novel spectacular, or selling works to Tate Britain/National Gallery at extortionate prices. This is me I suppose! A la Londres Underground. On an elevator to Piccadilly. Or was it Liverpool Station? The perplexities of my life never cease to amaze me.

I am the epitomy of happiness

“The means to an end”

And so it begins. My grand trip en graphique design. It’s going to be fun, and also miserable. The painful lows, the highest highs. Kingston will be expecting alot from me. All i want to do is draw pretty pictures and paint colourful clouds. But no doubt this will be of essential use to what I’m doing. So here it goes. The beginning of a three year blog. If anybody subscribes to this, my greatest kudos to thee. As it stands, I’m hoping to one day be president of the world. FIN