Photography “Space”

How broad a subject, Space. Space can be a lot of things. But i don’t know what any of those things are. So I’m taking my camera for a walk to work that out.

I like this man. He is the embodiment of the market culture. His voice must be shrill because he shouts all day long with it. And his hat, I imagine he's owned that for years. Maybe his father who was another market stall operator gave it to him for his 18th. Or maybe he stitched it himself. His hat isn't entirely important, but I sure as hell do like this image.

A transaction takes place. It is totally ordinary I suppose. Nonetheless, I like it. Thats the reason I put it here. Because I liked it.

The same man from above goes to sit down, within hearing distance of the talent violinist. Is this a space? I thought so. I see it as a universal space. Literal/lateral, it doesn't matter which. What does matter, is this is my interpretation of space.


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