And on the subject of photography…

Today I visited the “Building the Revolution” exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. What did I think? I was not overly impressed, but there was certainly something good to be found. For instance, here is the “Red Banner Textile Factory”, photographed beautifully.

The bizare geometry, the orange and grey hues. This is just a postcard, but at the exhibit, blown up to enormous size it draws you in. And I wonder why the architects created such a surreal construction. It is more a work of art, than a place of work. Both slick and archaic.

Gustav Klutsis made this, “Design for loudspeaker no.7”

And its sheer imagination is what I admire. Conceptually brilliant, and a joy to look at.

But the best of the best, the pinnacle of Soviet Art and Architecture was Lenin’s mausoleum. Everything about it, a gloriously important building, reflected flawlessly through every choice of construction.

The courtyard leading to the main entrance displays Tatlins’s Tower:

"They sought to help redesign and transform society not just make picture but to make a new world."


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