A new project today. I think im coming to terms with what this course expects of me, and what I expect of the course. Ideas have to be fresh & innovative I suppose. The best ones are simple. And they should be presented in a manner that makes the viewer instantly see. “Oh I get it”. Etc. But this project asks us to explain a typographical term and then present it in a creative way. We have “optical sizing”.

UPDATE: Optical sizing is very simple. After researching the term we came across this: Size-specific adjustments to type design by Tim Ahrens which delves into the subject in unbelievable detail.

UPDATE: Our final statement: “typefaces optimised for certain sizes, with subtle variations in weight and proportion for consistency and legibility at any point size, to retain font character. Tim Ahrens writes extensively on the subject within his dissertation, “Size-specific adjustments to type designs”, stating that generally in smaller sizes: the width of the letter shape, the x-height, the overall weight, and the apertures are all increased.” SIMPLE.

The Q is actually 16pt, scanned, and enlarged. Notice the inconsistences? Not so smooth up close.


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