Typography continued…

Heres the idea: Like optical sizing, smaller objects have to make concessions and reductions just so they can be smaller, and perhaps more understandable. Large objects allow for more intricacy, like type, theres more room for further detail. So we take this idea out into the real world, and look at the telephone boxes. A souvenir type compared to the larger version.

The final version.

Then come critique time, we got slammed! Alas, this image goes into a book, we thought it could only be A4 therefore, and boom. Everyone else has masterpieces. Terrific sculptures created from A4 pages, enormous posters from A4 pages, and then us with the single A4 page. The group struggled to see our idea. Our teacher couldnt see it either. Bad times! Nevertheless, I learnt an important lesson. Never present an A4 picture to the class come crit time.



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