Well today went badly. Our idea got slammed. It was seen as a piss take, but I suppose that’s understandable. We have moved onto “Measuring the Unmeasurable”. Initial ideas:

I was looking into this idea of “Equanimity” a concept in Buddhism, that’s really quite neat to say the least. It’s a very un-judgemental look on life: “to bear success with humility, the affection of my friends without pride”. How could you measure that? Or success? Since it’s so subjective, one mans view of success could be another’s failure.

UPDATE: Today was a real struggle. But we have reached a conclusion. That is to study “nothing”. Literally nothing. The study of nothing. Nilology. We declare nothing to be in fact a thing. It fills our box with something to describe.


“Nothing must be a fluid thing indeed. It fills our container with something to understand. It springs into existances when we need it to take shape, and vanishes ever more quickly when we dismiss it. It matches our needs our wishes. It is our servant becoming whatever we need it to be: something.”

The absence of anything really is a sort of something: if only a concept.


UPDATE: We pull it off. Very enthusiastically, if nothing else. (Aha.)



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