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SPONGE DAY: the 2nd coming

Go to various London markets, photograph lots of different pieces of type which suit a sheet of adjective, print said different pieces of type. The best: Advertisements

In the fog

A particularly foggy day in Kingston. I go to Hampton Court Park. I shot some pictures.

It suffers from the same problem my night time shots had. Theres no idea. It was a chance encounter with some bad weather. But all the same I'm glad I did it.

In the dark, again.

The premise for our nightclub shots is that visiting a nightclub during the day will expose the gritty perhaps scummy environment that drunken clubbers willingly accept during the evening. Hippodrome of Kingston proved the opposite. In all fairness it was actually a nice place. The fact there were no windows cramped our idea a bit. […]

In the dark continued..

Gateway by the river Thames.


4 o'clock shot

Now whilst I like these shots, theres no real idea, it’s just me hoping to capture something beautiful. So I look into Nightclubs.



In the dark

A new photography brief. We must come up with a photographic response to the phrase. Initial thoughts were photographing hookers, tramps, night workers, fireworks, light drawing, excessive drinking, night-time sky, dogging, stalking, and night clubs. After a chat with a tutor half of that list was seen as exploitative. At least, the tramps and hookers part. Drunks are a cliche. Don’t think I can locate dogging individuals. Could go stalking. Night drawing is not particularly interesting. Night clubs seems like a good idea, as does night time workers and photographing in the hours 2:00 to 6:00.

Here is a shot from Weegee’s work:

"Max is rusing in the morning;s bagels to a restaurant on Second Avenue for the morning trade" 1940

I love so much about this shot. The exposure makes his presence glow, his stance. The fact he’s carrying bagels in the middle of the night haha, and the solitaryness of it. The siluhette of the lampost and cityscape in the backround makes it all the more. But do people do this anymore? I think it’s fair to say most night time workers drive in lorrys or trucks. In this day and age I doubt I could find someone like this. The next port of call is just going out and doing it. So thats what I did. I went for an evening walk.


What does that even mean? I suppose we are first years, sponges, hoping to soak up experience. Regardless of that it was a bizzare experience. We go to bricklane, we check out galleries, and then we make our own. Right there and then. An exhibition that basically “catches peoples attention”. I present the adventures of naked boy in a cage:

Indesign tutorials BAM


The go to program it would seem for designing posters, books, and most things graphical. But with a thousand different buttons and options to say it’s complicated to use is an understatement. Our project is to design an analysis of a piece of graphic design. I have chosen to use Wim Crouwel’s “Internationaal Ciam” poster. Simply because I think it’s a great piece of design. But why is that?

My work was not praised or seen as exceptional, but nevertheless tutors were satisfied. A key area I neglected was hierarchy. Theres no real “rhythm” in this work. That is to say, there’s not set path for your eye to follow, in other words it’s a “mish-mash” of design. On a positive note though, Indesign is not nearly as complicated as originally thought. I will no doubt use it frequently in the future, particularly when I finally begin work on my zine..