In the dark

A new photography brief. We must come up with a photographic response to the phrase. Initial thoughts were photographing hookers, tramps, night workers, fireworks, light drawing, excessive drinking, night-time sky, dogging, stalking, and night clubs. After a chat with a tutor half of that list was seen as exploitative. At least, the tramps and hookers part. Drunks are a cliche. Don’t think I can locate dogging individuals. Could go stalking. Night drawing is not particularly interesting. Night clubs seems like a good idea, as does night time workers and photographing in the hours 2:00 to 6:00.

Here is a shot from Weegee’s work:

"Max is rusing in the morning;s bagels to a restaurant on Second Avenue for the morning trade" 1940

I love so much about this shot. The exposure makes his presence glow, his stance. The fact he’s carrying bagels in the middle of the night haha, and the solitaryness of it. The siluhette of the lampost and cityscape in the backround makes it all the more. But do people do this anymore? I think it’s fair to say most night time workers drive in lorrys or trucks. In this day and age I doubt I could find someone like this. The next port of call is just going out and doing it. So thats what I did. I went for an evening walk.


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