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Ernesto Estevez

The unknown Cuban sensation. So I like hyper-realism, far better than alot of contemporary crap – this art takes skill to produce. Sure we’ve seen it all before, landscapes, sunsets, grazing cattle at Dedham (Constable..), but it’s what I like, and this guy excels at it.

This artwork belongs to be recognized. Gorgeous management of light brings the painting to life. This needs to be digitally recreated in 3D and given a purpose. Something so beautiful should not go unrecognized. Ernesto Estevez you have true talent.


Graffiti of the week

THAT heron

INSOMNIA (I can’t get no sleep)

Its a single released by Faithless and a crippling issue for the depressed.

In this video I tried to present the causes and reasons behind insomnia,

I treat the issue seriously, although a video which I’m presenting I can’t treat

myself too seriously. But anyway, the video: