David Shrigley

Exhibiton at the Hayward Gallery (http://ticketing.southbankcentre.co.uk/find/hayward-gallery-and-visual-arts/other-art-on-site/tickets/david-shrigley-brain-activity-61752)


This exhibition made me laugh out loud so much. Shrigley makes quirky illustrations, usually revolving around plays on words or truths in every day life and presents them through simple yet funny illustrations. The key word here is SIMPLE! His style of drawing is consistant, relying upon outlines of characters (often depicted badly), he leaves in alot of errors which have been crossed out – it stands to make his work more recongizable, and shows he obviously doesn’t take his work very seriously. The quantity of work presented here was admirable as well. Some pictures are harder to get than others, but most are so simple the response is instant. His sculptures are just as good / absurd. This was a real fresh of breath air. So many artists take themselves too seriously, deal with themes I can’t comprehend fully. The case here however, is an exhibition for anybody. Everyone will find his work humourus and worth seeing. Genius. I’ve used blue and orange here.


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