supercool FUN magazine

These guys, have the original content and humour I love. Their website is testimony to the attitude of their zine.

They write articles no other magazine dares to ask. i.e. “will LSD help paedophiles” and speak to real experts on the subject. An interview with a man who goes “dogging” – i.e. the meeting up of individuals in car parks for groupsex . Truths about artshows “a fine art piece titled, “untitled”, “a graphic design piece involving postiq notes” . its moral compass is undecidable, but what it preaches is based on a lot of truths, i can associate with what it says. I recommend they write an article about a woman I saw recently on the Jeremy Kyle show who was addicted to butane gas, consuming upwards of 12 canisters a day. She also smoked a considerable amount of cigarettes, often at the same time as inhalating butane gas. Repeat, butane gas PLUS lighting cigarettes. Moronic doesn’t do her actions justice. It’s beyond comprehension. But my point is, thats the offbeat stuff I’d read about they’d write about. Vindictive perhaps, but I doubt she’d read it.


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