Incredible zine fair. Great few hours spent in here chatting to eccentric students / full time working people with a passion for zines. Its difficult to pick out my favourite zine, i bought one for my girlfriend about methods of killing mosquitos written by an Indian girl who spent a particularly itchy time abroad. The French Terror zine sold in an old VHS tape was very clever (i thought). Asian Road Kill silkscreen was glorious. It had a whole load of appeal in it’s nonsensical-ness, and would have made a welcome addition to anybody’s wallspace. I met this crazy looking guy, (Mr Gherkin?) who sold the Daily Comix, a fantastic piece of work. Very funny, well presented, a collection of 30 artists work, printed in stock of 3000+ and then sold at pubs/gigs/where-ever across the country by various artists. It seemed like the start of something big, and i wish him all the best on his endeavours. A super nerd character who loved his Daredevil and D.C. comics talked at me for 30minutes about how Daredevil was drawn differently in every issue, i had no interest in what he was saying, but he was a great character who’d fit straight into the IT crowd. USURP gallery as well is a bizzare place, located in Harrow in the least expected place for an art gallery – a residential area with no hint of creativity, the surrounding area was a genuine shit hole. Sorry Harrow. But anyway, very fun zine fair, very inspirational.


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