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the danger of OUTDOOR

haha, christ what a dangerous idea this was. note to self, never take a banner onto the top story of a carpark with breakneck speeds and try to hold it in the air! it was put together by staples!! nevermind, the important thing was it was visible over long distances and no-one got injured / sued.




Final Major Project time, decide to go to Kew Gardens to check out the colossal conservatory housing the tropical plants from across the planet. A beautiful atmosphere and environment, but did not help us come to a proposal.Still, even if this doesnt become relevant to the FMP, something good will come out of this visit.


The latest and greatest fantastic zine-o produced by myself, the beautiful Anastajia Voitova, and the quirky Edward Wong.

It took a surprisingly long time making this. The content’s somewhat controversial but I wanted a reaction. Zines are supposed to have an attitude, and I was so sick of graphic design projects ending up with an “itsnicethat” effect. Or making issues out of things which no-one really gives a shit about. Alot of them are original ideas, and some of them are creative and fun to read, but ah.. I dunno, I have a warped mind I guess. I like zines more along the lines of  FUN magazine. There’s no limit on a zine’s content. It’s self-published and unofficial, you can write about whatever you want. Why not write about abortion going wrong, spilling out disfigured baby fetuses which amass all over the world and form an army which seek to dominate mankind. Or sharing photographs with the world of mouldy food in people’s fridges. It’s clear from websites like or that people love seeing this stuff. It’s gross but also very funny! Makes a welcome break from the seriousness of typical graphic design, in MY opinion. Maybe I just need to open my eyes wider.Anyway, check out the spreads:

I’m very very interested in creating a whole new zine altogether, seeking artists I met from the zine fair who are brilliant illustrators/creators.

  • uprooting of conventional norms
  • great works of literature
  • the effect of 20th century musicians on generations
  • icons and figureheads
  • treehouses
  • horror films and spectres. apparitions and demons
  • absolute terror/the human condition
  • things which are seemingly destructive for no reason

ZINE selling day

Black Humour sells complete stock! Future Ebay antique item? I think so! Feedback very positive, seems abandoning political correctness is something young people like these days, who knew? Screw the man! Down with the establishment!

ZINE fair @ USURP Incredible zine fair. Great few hours spent in here chatting to eccentric students / full time working people with a passion for zines. Its difficult to pick out my favourite zine, i bought one for my girlfriend about methods of killing mosquitos written by an Indian girl who spent a particularly itchy time abroad. […]

Everything begins in Haiti, wierd scenes from inside the goldmine

(Incidently, I had no idea you could use a gallery option on wordpress)

So on my travels around Brick Lane being the hip-cool kid that I am, I stumbled upon this goldmine. What a funky exhbition, seriously cool work courtesy of The BROKEN FINGAZ CREW ( Kudos to these guys and their eye-catching work. And they’re website’s pretty damn good as well, it’s a win-win situation.

supercool FUN magazine

These guys, have the original content and humour I love. Their website is testimony to the attitude of their zine.

They write articles no other magazine dares to ask. i.e. “will LSD help paedophiles” and speak to real experts on the subject. An interview with a man who goes “dogging” – i.e. the meeting up of individuals in car parks for groupsex . Truths about artshows “a fine art piece titled, “untitled”, “a graphic design piece involving postiq notes” . its moral compass is undecidable, but what it preaches is based on a lot of truths, i can associate with what it says. I recommend they write an article about a woman I saw recently on the Jeremy Kyle show who was addicted to butane gas, consuming upwards of 12 canisters a day. She also smoked a considerable amount of cigarettes, often at the same time as inhalating butane gas. Repeat, butane gas PLUS lighting cigarettes. Moronic doesn’t do her actions justice. It’s beyond comprehension. But my point is, thats the offbeat stuff I’d read about they’d write about. Vindictive perhaps, but I doubt she’d read it.