Ideas of the week, ranging from ingenius to truely terrible! ENJOY.

A sign for boredom, 5 uses for a third arm, The bowel conversion, Turning 56p into £2572, The just about-heard seething row

A hearse for a chat show host, 5 things we want to know, A pair of shoes for kickin' ass

God's first designs for the Elephant man, the Grand Canyon, and a Black Forest Gateaux

A whodunnit murder mystery

Car wash for bicycles (Unfinished)

Liquorice as a person, Revolver, rope, candlestick, lead piping, dagger...

An aid for understanding, If you could change your name...

A timeline that goes back to the beginning, Domestic use for a shark

Why its good Tipperary is a long way away, Presuming a man who wears red socks

A radical new sleeping garment

A note to mother explaining my descision to become a paleontologist

International ladies & gents sign, The Queen's will

What does grey taste like, The most interesting thing I've found, International engaged/occupied signs


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